Lullaby is a deeply personal film that attempts to show a very common but not often told story. In Britain at least one in four women will suffer a miscariage before the full term of their pregnancy. I wanted to show what appears to the outside world as the ending of a life that didn’t meaningfully exist, is in fact a real and terrible bereavement for the mother involved.

Although essentially a very simple story, I was aware that the script I’d written was unusually wordy for a movie. To counter this I made the decision to shoot on 35mm in the Cinemascope ratio giving the whole film a very cinematic look. The casting of the central role was key and I was very lucky indeed when Haydn Gwynne agreed to do the film. She brings a maturity and humanity to the part that is entirely truthful.

It was never my intention to exploit the story simply to have a tale to tell. Every word of the script and every frame of the film is an honest attempt to show the emotional truth of a situation to which in the end there is no solution, only acceptance.

Haydn Gwynne